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Keep your party together is style. It's always more fun to go as a group. We can accomodate up to 5 couples for those dining out occasions or any other special events. We have flexible pricing models to fit your needs. We can price by the mile (standard) or by the person, or by the hour. Save big on large groups (split the cost up 11 ways).

Have more fun... Go as a group

12 Passenger 2015 Nissan Van

We Can Seats From 1 To 11 Passengers

Smoke Free

 Soft & Clean Leather Seats (think Limo)

We believe customers are entitled to the following rights:
To a VEHICLE that is: To a DRIVER that is: To CONVENIENCE items To FARES that are:
Clean Barrett sml ccimage Competetive
Safe Courteous GPS onboard Accurate
Dependable Knowledgeable of the area Internet access for emergencies Fair
Comfortable Trustworthy Music playlist available Flexible